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Are you a speaker who is looking for a beautiful and affordable DONE-FOR-YOU website solution?

Let us build your new speaker website for you, starting at only $497!

I recently purchased a website from SpeakerWebsiteMadeEasy.com!

I was always told that if you’re in the speaking business or business in general, you need a website. So I reached out to SpeakerWebsiteMadeEasy.com and in just a matter of days, I had a website that was up and running.

And now I can finally use these words: “Go to my website”! 

I can tell people that you can now go to my website and that you can see evidence that I am a speaker. So if you’re a speaker and you need a website, a simple, easy made website that you can have up and running, in just a few days, I recommend SpeakerWebsiteMadeEasy.com!

Dr. David Walker

Professional Speaker, CEO and Founder of Walker Media Group

Speaker Website Made Easy Details

How it works

1. Start By Ordering Your Site Here

To begin, choose from a selection of 8 different colors and complete your website order.

2. Submit Your Photos and Text

We’ll send you an order form via email where you will share images, videos, and text for your site.

3. We Build Your Site With Care

Once we receive your information, we will begin customizing your new beautiful website.

4. Site is delivered to your inbox!

Within 3 to 5 business days, we will send your new website login details to your email inbox!

8 Beautiful Colors to Choose From!

Click the “VIEW LIVE DEMO” buttons below to view the demo site for each color.

With your new website, you also receive these additional features!

Additional Features

  • 1-Page WordPress Site
  • Blog Page is Included
  • Includes Website Hosting
  • Fast-Loading Site Speed
  • SSL Certificate
  • Website Privacy Policy
  • Easily Edit Your Site on Your Own
  • Option to Add Additional Pages
Upon delivery of your website, you’ll also receive a bonus
Website How-to Video!

Inside the video, we will walk you through how to make minor adjustments to your site such as adding new images or updating text.

NOTE: If you want additional assistance with updating your website, check out our Website Virtual Assistant Service, where you can request unlimited content edits.
Speaker Website Made Easy - How to Video

Ready to Get started?

All websites are only $497!

After the initial website setup, you pay a low monthly price for hosting or website virtual assistant support.

(Website and Hosting)

$ 37 / Month
  • Done-For-You Set Up Service
  • Easily Login to Edit Your Site on Your Own
  • 1-Page WordPress Website
  • Includes Website Hosting
  • Includes Blog
  • SSL Certificate
  • Website Privacy Policy

With the Basic Package, we will set up and host your new Speaker Website. You will also receive all features listed above, as well as access to login and update your site on your own.

Best Value

(Hosting and Unlimited Content Edits)

$ 197 / Month
  • Everything Included in the Basic Plan
  • Gain Access to Our Website Edits Team
  • Request Unlimited Website Edits for Your Site
  • Gain Access to Speaker Members-Only Offers for Adding Additional Pages to Your Site

With the Website Virtual Assistant Management Package, you can request unlimited website edits to keep your site up to date**. Our Website Edits Team will login to your site and complete all requested edits on your behalf.

This package is perfect for all speakers who would like our team to keep your website up to date throughout the year with your latest event appearances, client testimonials, video content, and audiences that you’ve spoken for.

**Unlimited content edits include publishing blog posts, adding/removing/editing text, uploading images, adding/removing menu items, adding videos, adjusting widgets. Content Edits DO NOT include adding or developing new pages to your website.

Have more questions about
Speaker Website Made Easy?

We have answers! – Check out a list of our Frequently Asked Questions.
Q: Is the $497 a one-time fee?

Yes. You pay $497 one time!

Q: Why is there a monthly fee after I purchase my site?
The monthly fee covers the online hosting cost of us hosting and keeping your website up to date. Every hosting plan also comes with a complimentary business email address, SSL Certificate, and regular website backups.
Q: What is the difference between the BASIC $37/mo plan and the WEBSITE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT $197/mo plan?
The Basic Plan is for speakers who want a website and hosting, without the ability to request for our team to make updates to their site.

The Website Virtual Assistant plan is for speakers who would like to request unlimited content edits to their site throughout the year, such as adding new testimonials, changing out their speaking topics, adding media and audience logos, and updating their headshot photos.
Q: Can I change my hosting plan in the future?
Yes! You have the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan. To adjust your plan, please contact our team at info@speakerwebsitemadeeasy.com and a team member will assist you.
Q: How long will it take for you to deliver my website?

The initial set up for your speaker website will take 3 to 5 business days.

Q: Will I be able to make changes to my site after you set it up?
Yes! After your site has been built, you will receive an email that contains your site login information. From here, you can easily login and manage your site on your own.
Q: Can I request that you make edits for me?

Yes! Our team can make page edits for you as part of the WEBSITE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT plan for $197/month. 

Q: Is there a limit on the number of updates I can request, in the Website Virtual Assistant plan?

No limit! You are able to request unlimited content update requests for your site.

Updates and Edits qualify as: adding new testimonials, changing your headshot image, adding new satisfied audiences, adding new questions to your contact form, changing your speaker video. 

Please note: Content Edits DO NOT include adding or developing new pages to your website.

Although you do have the ability to add additional pages to your website, our team does not currently offer this service. (Adding additional pages to your site).

Q: Will you design the website with my own custom brand colors?
No. We currently have 8 beautiful color options for you to choose from. All new sites begin with the color options we have provided.
Q: Can you add additional sections to the one-page website?

Each website is built with 9 different sections to specifically support your success as a speaker.

If you would like to add sections or pages to your site, you can do so by viewing our A La Carte Development Pricing here. Page Development is only available to active customers on the Website Virtual Assistant plan.

Q: Will you set up my domain name for me?

Yes! We will set up your domain name. 

If you do not already have a domain name, you will need to purchase your domain for an additional fee.

Q: Can this website be added as a page to my current pre-existing website? Or maybe added as a tab created within my current site?
The Speaker Website Made Easy is a separate, stand-alone website. You won’t be able to add the page directly into an already pre-existing website since it is hosted within our own hosting servers. 
However, you can easily add an additional menu tab to your other website so that it links directly to your new speaker website. This is the solution that we recommend for anyone who has a separate pre-existing website and would still love to drive traffic to their new speaker website.
Q: Will you show me how to edit my website?
With your site, you will also gain access to our Members Only Resource Area and  How-to videos to show you how to make edits to your website.
Q: What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a data file within your website that marks your website as secure for website visitors. It is important to have an SSL Certificate so that visitors know that it is safe to use your website.

Q: How can I get started?
We’re excited to build your site! Please click here to get started!

You're an Amazing Speaker.

It's time for your website to speak for you!

Let us build your new speaker website, starting at only $497!

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